Fuelling the optimism and creating profitable growth for your company


Imagine, to wake up every morning, knowing that you have a great place to work. In great company cultures, people tend to believe that everything is possible. They strongly believe that their superpowers enable them to create the future.

In Leadify, we fully believe that it is possible to gain market shares and create growth, even in declining markets. Do we share that belief? Then we might have fun and achieve some extraordinary results together.

If you are looking for quick wins and marketing tactics, you should probably go elsewhere. Leadify provides an end-to-end solution for B2B marketing and sales, aiming to sharpen our corporate customers' long term competitive edge.

Our promise

Leadify was founded as a result of a simple observation: - People have transformed how they live, work and buy, but businesses have not adapted.

We work with B2B companies like the energy, technology and manufacturing industry to develop an innovative digital strategy that transform their marketing and lead generation, which enables them to get found by more sales qualified prospects and convert those leads into clients at a higher rate.

That is inbound marketing, which also enables our customers' valuable business development/sales resources to allocate their time and energy into working with prospects that has already become attracted to their services and products.

Yes, that's it. We turn traditional B2B marketing and sales upside down. Your prospects will love it, as much as you:

- We create 'the moment, when your prospects find you'

Who we are

Leadify is headquartered in Stavanger (Norway) and works in close partnership with our corporate customers. Some of them are regional players in their specialized vertical, while others are strong players on the global market.

Leadify is a digital marketing agency, specialized on Inbound Marketing and Sales with no excuses. In order to achieve your goals, we take pride in teaming up with industry leading service- and technology partners.

Together with MarkedsPartner (NO) and HubSpot (US) we provide the required knowledge, capacity and technology in order to meet and exceed our professional client's expected ROI from their investment into our services.

Please reach out, if you'd like to get in touch and learn how we may help your business.



Øyvind Jacobsen
Executive Advisor and Managing Director
Leadify AS
+47 934 25 567


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